Vietnam’s largest telecommunications operator Viettel Group has ambitious goals when it comes to capturing the blockchain market. Their development and innovation wing, Vietnam’s largest telecommunications operator Viettel Group, just declared their goal to become Vietnam’s leading blockchain tech provider in the next five years.

Ngô Vĩnh Quý, deputy general director of the corporation said,

“Blockchain is a technology that will change the world and Viettel would like to catch up with global development trends.”

Viettel Group had established the Viettel Enterprise Solutions Corporation earlier this month to concentrate on giving information and communication technology solutions to the government and commercial sectors. They even have the task to assist in building the infrastructure of a digital government.

The deputy general director added about the project:

“Viettel has the financial resources, human resources, network infrastructure, huge data center, research and development facilities, large internal environment, and other advantages to learn and apply blockchain technology.”

Notably, Viettel Enterprise Solutions Corporation has already developed a blockchain-based solution to enhance file management in the healthcare sector. This permits the conjunction of entire medical networks, incorporating the Ministry of Health, provincial health departments, patients, and similar entities on the national level. Private hospitals and clinics can pay a fee to use the system.

Asian countries have been pretty progressive when it comes blockchain adoption in the telecom industry. China and South Korea each have a blockchain powered commercial networks to make their sector more secure and transparent.

Through Viettel’s efforts, even Vietnam joins this race. By 2019, the corporation plans to expand its blockchain research to enhance telecommunications, education, finance, transport and energy sectors of the country.