ZCash, ZEC

A lot of crypto interest has shifted to privacy coins and some of them have been found not to be what they promise on paper. ZCash (ZEC) has however remained focused on provision of the best privacy in the market. Earlier in the year, the coin was endorsed by the Winklevoss brothers and subsequently listed on their Gemini exchange based on its market relevance.

This saw the ZEC price hit an all-time high of $357 and since then, the coin has become a force to reckon in the privacy coin market. However, it has not been a walk in the park for the coin and its price value has diminished over the last 8 months.

ZCash (ZEC) Visibility and the Gemini Matrix

Gemini entry into the market has seen it become one of the most respected and regulated exchange not only in the US but across the globe and only lists coins that are backed by groundbreaking technologies and have met the set standards by the SEC. This has increased the market visibility of ZEC and the pairing has also boosted its credibility.

Only select coins are listed on Gemini and the most sought after USD pairing is only for three coins; ZEC/BTC, ZEC/ETH and BTC/ETH. However, Litecoin is set to join the platform soon. Gemini is also an investor gateway for institutions and offers digital asset custodial facility and this is another added avenue for ZEC’s exposure to the market.

Gemini is a Financial Hub

Gemini connects the crypto world with fiat economy through Wall Street and other USD backed investment firms. The security of the exchange shields digital asset from hacks and other cyber threats and has become a safe pair of hands for leading players in the financial sector and ideal for cryptos as well.

Gemini has been endorsed by the New York authorities and insured by FDCI making it a digital finance hub. The FDI provide any investor with the much deserved confidence to invest in assets they endorse and this has boosted the adoption of ZCash making its value remain stable in an unpredictable market.

ZCash Benefit from Privacy Coin Rush

When compared with Bitcoin, ZCash privacy level gives users an additional security layer. The feature enables privacy coin holders to more with their funds than just sending and receiving. Investors love I when their finances are kept private and transactions not visible to the general public.

Apart from ZEC value, the privacy feature accounts for the larger percentage of new ZCash adoption and the coin has benefitted from the privacy coin rush. The increased demand is set to increase the value of the coin despite the rising competition from other privacy coins like Verge, Dash and Monero.

ZCash (ZEC) Future and Demand for Privacy Coins

With investors focused on the future value of the coins they invest in, ZCash has been in the forefront in repositioning itself to remain relevant in the future. It is capitalizing on the current cryptocurrency awareness and privacy is one of the trending and most sought after features in the industry.

The nod from Geminin has set ZCash apart from other privacy coins since to date; none of them has been listed on the exchange. Officially, the coin has the freedom to interact with Wall Street players thanks to the boost from the Winklevoss brothers.

The current ZEC price is not a true representation of its worth and a little push is all what the coin needs to become a privacy coin hit. The ZEC coin has been trading at $133.78 in the last 24 hours and this is not a true representation of its value.  However, the current 3.46% gains over the dollar in a struggling market is a clear sign of ZEC stability.