As the entire crypto market continues to slide, some upcoming altcoins continue to surprise many by defying the odds are making incredible gains. Noah (NOAH), a coin that is seeking to create a borderless economy has been on the rise for better part of September and October. With the market leaders’ failure to hold, the market green territory is becoming a preserve for a few altcoins that are trading in the double digits

The total market has slipped below the 200billion mark to settle slightly above 281billion and NOAH token appears to be among the major gainers in the last 24-hour trading session which has seen the coin makes gains of 18.74% to the USD to trade at $0.002905 as it continues to gain momentum as cement its position among the 100 most valuable coins by market cap.

Noah (NOAH) Niche Market Leadership

Noah has entered a market that is less competitive and its unique concept has kept the coin on the limelight with a flood of investors excited about the coins’ borderless economy. Its utility purpose is ties to a very lucrative and yet virgin market which had not attracted a lot of interest from blockchain enthusiasts previously.

The NOAH coin will facilitate the creation of crypto cities and beach resorts and the native coin will be used to access these facilities. The idea is to come up with cities fueled purely by cryptos. With the plans underway, the coin has managed to turnaround its recent 97% decline since the coin hit the market in March this year.

Growing NOAH Uptake in Hard Crypto Verse Times

The token value proposition has seen its market cap spike in tandem with the price and which has seem it a month’s high of $93,985,135 in the last 24 hours. The legitimacy of Noah’s underlying technology has been fronted as the reasons behind the current price and value momentum and is poised to hold for the better part of Q4.

The economic times are hard and the token timely entry into the market provides a cheap payment option. This has made life easier for many remittance service users since its offers completive fees compared to the traditional providers like MoneyGram and Western Union.

“Notably, 10% of the Philippines’ GDP accounts for the remittances. Using cryptocurrencies like Noah Coin significantly reduces both fees and waiting time.”

It also appears like a new trend is emerging and more Philippine workers in Japan are using the tokens and the network to send money back home to their families as well as funding businesses back home. The potential of the platform and token however is still there as hidden opportunities that will continue to emerge.

Noah City Building and Awareness Campaign

Crypto enthusiasts are headed to Japan for the Blockchain Festival that Noah is co-hosting and investors are keen to understand how the of crypto cities project is going to impact on their lives and the prospects of investing on the NOAH coin and its infrastructure.

The event slated for October 13 has created a lot of excitement and with get a major boost from Mariah Carey’s presence, who will be performing her top hits on stage.

This is a major boost for the coin as it seeks to take its solutions where it is most needed. The Philippines has been experiencing low banking facilities’ penetration and will be the best springboard for the token to enter the global affordable payment market.

“In Noah City, users will be able to transfer value both in crypto and fiat. Those who use our native Noah Coin will benefit from significant discounts.”