Cryptohopper, a Dutch crypto startup, has just launched their advanced automated crypto trading platform known as Cryptohopper Marketplace.

What’s Cryptohopper Marketplace?

The automated trading system contains over 130 indicators that are used by professional traders daily.

The Cryptohopper Marketplace will be a handy tool especially to beginners who want to get into crypto trading but don’t have adequate skills to implement profitable trades. By purchasing the crypto trading package, one will have access to thousands of strategies which they can use to analyse crypto markets and make a good buck while at it.

The CEO of Cryptohopper, Rudd Feltkamp stated that,

‘’Originally, a cryptocurrency trading bot for professional traders, Cryptohopper has evolved into a platform where everyone can implement trading strategies that professionals use on a daily basis.’’

He added that;

‘’ There’s serious demand from mainstream consumers who are getting into cryptocurrency trading but most don’t know or have time to learn technical analysis. ‘’

What’s Automated Trading?

Over the years, various platforms have come forward to create channels through which others can make money by copying trading. A platform like Cryptohopper Marketplace give a credible platform to both novice traders and experienced ones to copy the trading strategies of successful professional traders.

Trade analysts have often created trading bots which are often available on Telegram but have in recent times turned out to be scams. However, getting into a legit and professionally ran platform such as Cryptohopper Marketplace will provide one with legit trading signals. When one is too busy to carry out their own trading analysis, such a tool can be set to automatically implement a trade.

Features of Cryptohopper

Cryptohopper also has a three tier subscription system that’s entirely cloud-based. Since it runs in the cloud, users are saved from the hustle of constantly updating their trading tools. The platform also a Paper Trading feature which is a risk free simulation of the actual trading strategies that interested traders can use to test the strategies before putting actual money into the platform.

Cryptohopper also has the trailing stop loss feature which allows one to sell only when the price of a particular cryptocurrency drops. There’s also a marketplace where a trader can sell their trade signals templates to willing buyers.

Some of the exchanges that are included in the Cryptohopper Marketplace tool include Kraken, Huobi, Binance, Poloinex and KuCoin.