Indonesia Launches its own Blockchain Hub with Corporate Assistance!

Blockchain adoption has been a hot topic since 2018 begun. Regulators and financial institutions from both developed & developing countries have since deployed resources to look into the feasibility of the blockchain platform. Indonesia is the latest nation to make a move in enhancing the blockchain tech within its jurisdiction; the country launched a blockchain hub for this purpose!

This initiative is a joint venture of a couple players in Indonesia’s financial system which include its Creative Economy Agency (BEKRAF). Other contributors to the project are HARA, a private Indonesian based start-up, Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and the Blockchain Association of Indonesia.

Reggy Wahyu, current CEO of HARA is positive about the Blockchain Hub initiative and indicated its potential in improving prospects. According to him the hub will create an environment for the crypto community to interact, this will in turn nature ideas from crypto enthusiasts.

The launch of this blockchain hub took place on the 16th of August in South Jakarta. Its target include internationals invested in the blockchain sector as well as the local crypto community in Indonesia.

One of the reasons that led to Indonesia’s Blockchain Hub foundation was creating solutions for blockchain platforms as of press date. The country plans on motivating developers to integrate blockchain networks without necessarily involving crypto coins. In addition, transactions and data security are also a target of this initiative!

HARA is committed to this Blockchain hub in order to educate the masses on the importance of digital ledgers. According to the company’s CEO, the entity is a firm believer that blockchain offers transparency levels that can eliminate social injustices in most societies. However, Reggy Wahyu; further added that explaining the societal and economic impact of blockchain is still surrounded by regulation and business uncertainties. This indeed stresses the importance of having forums to increase awareness about the blockchain network and its utility.

Indonesia has made significant progress within the blockchain tech since 2018 begun. Its pioneer blockchain association came alive in March and has since been pushing regulatory measures in this grey area.

Interestingly, the trend has picked up quite fast with the Indonesian Government acquiring the technology for its postal services. The Indonesian blockchain community has also received support from numerous interested players in the industry and it is expected to be among the top blockchain-adopting economies in the near future!



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