Indonesia Blockchain Hub Officially LaunchedLast week in Jakarta we saw the unveiling of the Indonesia Blockchain Hub, a dedicated space for the promotion and development of blockchain technology.

The stated mission of the Indonesian Blockchain Hub is bringing together the various Indonesian blockchain communities in an attempt to drive innovation and provide all-important education on blockchain technology.

Indonesia is ready for blockchain technology

The Indonesian Blockchain Hub project is supported by HARA, which is a blockchain for social impact project, and the Indonesian Blockchain Association (ABI) as well as the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and government agency BEKRAF.

Regi Wahyu, the CEO of HARA commented that “This shows that Indonesia is ready for blockchain technology, and Indonesia Blockchain Hub will have a huge effect on how the blockchain ecosystem will grow in Indonesia.”

During the launch of the Indonesia Blockchain Hub, several panel discussions were held at the event featuring a varied selection of international speakers from over six different countries, all of whom are well known in the world of blockchain.

The discussion revolved around the future of blockchain technology, and how Southeast Asia can lead from the front when it comes to industry development.

Making sure Indonesia isn’t left behind

The idea of the Indonesia Blockchain Hub serving as a center for education was considered to be a welcome move, helping to make sure that Indonesia wouldn’t be left behind when it comes to education and development of talent.

There’s also a growing belief that Indonesia could very well become a leader in the field of blockchain technology through initiatives such as the Indonesia Blockchain Hub.

You Ginting, a member of the supervisory board of the Indonesian Blockchain Association, commented –

“We believe that the set-up of a place like Indonesia Blockchain Hub will accelerate the exchange of information.”

”It can be used to [help] make Indonesia a country that will reap the benefits [of blockchain technology] as early as possible.”

“I think this is the time where our agency can help to support and to foster the blockchain ecosystem, and most importantly we will become the government agency that will echo the importance of the blockchain ecosystem to the other government institutions as well.” 

The opening of the Indonesia Blockchain Hub is a significant step forward for the Indonesian blockchain sector, and providing a location where those interested in learning more about the technology and how it can benefit the region can come and create new ideas can only be considered a positive.


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