Amazon Enters India’s Insurance Market Amidst Rumors That It’s Preparing To Launch Its Own Crypto

Amazon’s move to India’s insurance market may trigger ripple effects for New Zealand which is currently seen as a testbed for large organizations that are looking to try something new.

Amazon is going for large insurance markets

FintechNZ general manager James Brown stated that insurers in New Zealand are holding more than $20 billion in assets and more than $15 billion in liabilities which are significant amounts.

“What this proves is that we are ripe for new emerging technologies.

This decision by Amazon is a serious move by one of the biggest global tech firms and is an indication that they are going after large markets with an insurance license application already in,” he said.

The e-commerce giant is starting in India with health, life and general insurance products and the company is well aware that there’s a lot of room to expand in Indian market’s current financial climate, according to Brown.

He also said that he’s confident that Amazon’s move will be an essential point of discussion at the annual New Zealand fintech summit that is set to take place on November 29.

Amazon might be about to launch its own crypto

Jeff Brown, Townhall Media’s Official Wealth Expert recently addressed some fascinating points that that hinted at the fact that Amazon may take an unexpected step into the cryptosphere.

The magazine said that investors should definitely keep this on their radar.

“In short, I believe a major U.S. company is about to issue its very own cryptocurrency,” Brown wrote.

“Amazon registered the new website address: “” And it registered another: “” And another: “”

These links are currently not leading to anything as they are not live yet.

Brown believes that this is definitely proof that something really big is in the works that will change the crypto world for good and investors are all the crypto community should keep on eye on this. You can read his entire article here.

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